Mythbuster Summary I: Craig and the NUJ

Given the sheer volume of overinflated mis- and disinformation in the Craig Murray case, the Craig Murray Justice committee has decided to post a series of themed mythbuster summaries clarifying a certain topic, once a week.

Given both questions about Craig’s NUJ membership and the concerns around judges musings on the topic of more-equal-than-thou journalists and “journalists in new media” – here is a brief summary of Craig Murray’s history with the NUJ.

“Craig applied to renew his membership of the NUJ in January 2020. He had been a ‘temporary freelance member for 3 years and then went into a hiatus while he reached the qualification of more than 50% of his income coming from journalism.

After he reapplied he received no answer for about 6 months and was then told that there had been ‘objections’. The union had never sent his application to the local chapter as required by the organisation’s own rules, so the objections could only have been HQ generated.

Eight months after his application Craig received a letter asking him to prove that more than 50% of his income came from journalism. The letter containing this demand also stated he had a week to reply. At the time Craig was working 20 hour days at the Assange hearing and so did not even find the time to open the letter before the end of this deadline. Very soon after this Craig received a letter stating his application was closed.

In his application Craig had signed the declaration regarding 50% income from journalism and his personal income from journalism. He does not believe any applicant has ever before been ordered to hand over bank statements, which is what this situation amounted to.”