Countdown Series: Annie Machon, former MI5

Annie Machon is a former British diplomat and MI5 Intelligence Officer, a writer and a public speaker.

In 1996, Machon and her then husband David Shayler resigned from MI5 intending to whistleblow on MI5’s subversive activities. Their allegations included secret dossiers on UK Government ministers responsible for overseeing the intelligence service, lying to the Government, an assassination attempt on Colonel Gaddafi and MI5’s foreknowledge of the IRA’s City of London bombing in 1993 and the Israeli Embassy in London bombing in 1994.

France refused to extradite the couple on the basis that their whistleblowing was a political act.

In 2002, David Shalyer was imprisoned for six months for contravening the Official Secrets Act.

Like Craig, Machon is a recipient of the Sam Adams Award – which is given each year to intelligence professionals who value truth and integrity no matter the consequences.

In October 2021, Machon spoke at the Belmarsh Tribunal in opposition to the US request to extradite Julian Assange.