Countdown Series: Ailsa Gray, Lawyer

Ailsa Gray is a lawyer and member of the Craig Murray Justice Group. She is a former corporate lawyer working in the FTSE100, specialising in corporate governance. Gray stood down as a non-executive director of Highlands and Islands Enterprise to join the Alba Party in 2021. She was a candidate in the May 2021 elections alongside Kenny MacAskill MP, Neale Hanvey MP and former first Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond.

Gray took the decision to become involved in politics following the targeting and selective prosecution of people critical of the Scottish Government. This includes Craig Murray who was jailed following his factual reporting of Alex Salmond’s defence.

In this video Gray launches the Craig Murray Countdown. Each day until Craig’s release on 30 November 2021, videos will be posted from Craig’s supporters. These videos include politicians, lawyers, former intelligence services and pop and cultural icons.

Gray concludes that it is likely that Craig will take his case to the European Court of Human Rights. She advises that, ‘he is doing this so that other independent journalists can report the truth without fear of reprisal. Together we must fight the global assault on freedom of speech and freedom of journalism.’