Countdown Series: Mike Barson, instrumentalist (ska band Madness) and activist

The last short-film in our Countdown to the release of Craig Murray is from Mike Barson. Mike is best known as the keyboard player for the British ska band Madness, which formed in 1976 and continues to perform today. Madness has had many hit singles, 15 of which reached the UK top 10.

Barson is a very talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and activist. 

In 2016 Barson told The Canary that he joined left wing campaigning group Momentum saying, “I heard all these unpleasant people on the news saying how terrible Momentum was so I thought I’d give it a go! I also heard how Jeremy could never win an election so I thought I’d have to vote for him too…”

Barson provided the musical entertainment at Craig Murray’s birthday behind bars last month by playing him the following tune with a poignant message to Craig at the end..